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Ronisha Baker


Dylon Strong

Ronisha Baker and Dylon Strong

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Our Story

Baby, come in the room and take a seat. Let me tell you about this man, Dylon Matthew Scott Strong (Yes, government name included). Unofficially, our paths first crossed when we were much younger, when my Auntie Erica was the team mom for the Pasadena Ponies. Officially, we met in high school during Junior year at PHS. You know the feeling you get when you feel someone is staring at you? I looked up and I realized that he was staring at me during P.E, and all I kept thinking was, “what is he staring at!?”. The attraction was instantly mutual😜; however, I was playing coy. His friends and my friends were waiting for the bus at Victory Park, and he had asked to see my phone. Honesty, all I kept thinking was, “If he steals my phone, I’m gonna chase him for it.” After a short period, he handed me back my phone and we parted ways. I guess it was a failed attempt to get my AIM information (don’t look at me like that, we are NOT that old).

We had exited the bus at the same stop on Lake and Washington, from there he began to walk with me, asking “Can I come home with you?” “Yeah” I responded calling his bluff, and he crossed the road to rejoin his friends! Later on, I received an instant message from “dr3al08” lol! He had gotten my information from a mutual friend. From there, we had our first date at Washington Park, which ended with a kiss. From that point on, everything was history, and I’m marrying my bestfriend in September. Although, he’s been a pain in my ass and continues to be, I wouldn’t want to go through this life with anyone else! He’s the most selfless, reliable, strong, resilient, and smart man I know! Not only does he uplift me, he also makes me feel whole and loved. He’s been with me through my accomplishments, downfalls, tragedies, and just overall life. I wouldn’t have it any other way! “I can’t lose, when I’m with you!” **Sings SZA off key*** I love you bighead! 😍😊
- Ronisha Baker

Our story is, “fuck the story, mind yo business”. If you still here, we first met in high school at PHS a while ago. I tried to give her this game after we got off the arts bus one day, but I believe she thought I was joking. So, I ask some of the homegirls for her AIM and shot my shot. One thing led to the next and you know 😎. The first date was at Washington park. I was scurred to ask for the first kiss so I did some text magic and got it, sure enough she was waiting on me. Fast forward to today and we still here, she’s been with me through the rough and traumatic times, the good times, and still dealing with my bs. She uplifts me and completes me, and we’re both passionate people, we give our all to each other and expect nothing less. And after a long ass proposal speech, we’re tying the knot before God. I’m ready, and we’re ready to move into the next big chapter of our life. LOVE YOU BABE!
- Dylon Strong

Dylon and Ronisha will tie the knot on 09/09/2023. Together since 2009. Engaged since November 2020. Tying the knot on September 9th, 2023. A much-anticipated event, please join us in celebrating our marriage on September 9th, 2023. We can’t wait to see you all and celebrate with everyone! Celebrating black love!